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  1. You’re right the rape scene was a little unrealistic.  They should have just been struggling to get her in to the car to rape her later when the Punisher walks out the building.  But I understand why Gischler did that because it’s more dramatic, and you have to suspend realality a little bid to tell a dramatic story in a one-shot sometimes.

  2. Yeah man, I understand that you definitely have to suspend disbelief any time you read comics, watch movies etc., I guess this plot device just felt more out of place to me in a comic set in a more "realistic" world that’s closer to ours than the regular Marvel Universe. And maybe I was just bitter because I was enjoying this comic a lot before the moment where the writer shot logic in the face.

    What you said about the struggling to get her into the car would have been a way better idea … and Frank still could have killed them all for that — it’s not like he needs much of a reason, lol.

  3. " After the Punisher shoots the shit out of the gangsters in the packed nightclub & everyone is running for the exits including the hooker, she is confronted by a group of guys who were also fleeing. There was just a heavy gun battle in a club filled with people, so common sense would tell anyone that police are on the way … right? Well, these guys (who a second ago were stealing a car they wanted to get away so bad) decide raping her out in the open, with cops on the way is a good idea. What the fuck? "


    Maybe i read a different book, or i’m mis-remembering.  but those guys didn’t steal a car to get away,  they were leaving the club in their car and She pulled a gun and tried to steal their car to get away herself.  

    But anyway yeah i agree that it was a little weird with "cops coming" the way they instantly went into rape mode on her…  but the circumstances leading up to them getting out of the car seemed believable to me.

    Anyway,  I enjoyed the book, and I really liked the way her view of men as either wild animals who need to be put down, or easily led pack animals that can be tamed and broken was changed by Frank.

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