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As shocking as this comes from a Punisher fan, I have to come right out and say it:

This series is boring me to tears now.

With this issue it is making me think that Jason Aaron doing Punisher in small doses is better then in an ongoing fashion. There’s nothing wrong logistically with this book. It reads fine and Aaron has the nack of mixing toilet humor and insane violence in anything he writes. But the story here was predictable. From the moment we meet Bullseye to the time he goes up to fight Castle, I could see it all coming. Aaron has a basic voice for all of these characters and nothing stands to have a different take then other writers. What’s the big difference from this Bullseye to any others (both Max and 616 continuity?) Absolutely nothing. Plus the humor in general is getting a bit dull, even for me. There is literally a few times here where Aaron makes a ‘shit’ joke and I rolled my eyes in disappointment. He’s taking the easy route with this as much as it pains me to say it.

I’m going to give this series one more issue to see if Jason Aaron has what it takes to keep me interesting. The last 4 issues (including this one) have been telegraphed easily and have not been memorible at all. I feel bad not including Steve Dillon into the conversation but you know what you’re gonna get out of him in anything he does. I never thought the possiblity of dropping the MAX title was possible. With this approach by Jason Aaron though, he’s making me consider it.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Why does there have to be a big difference in Bullseye for this to be good? I found no problem with his character.

  2. @comicbookchris: It wasn’t like it was a problem.

    Again maybe giving it a 2 would sound like a harsher review. Basically, there is nothing logistically wrong with this comic. (Except for the obvious word balloon misprint on the second panel) But nothing wowed me here. It’s all going through the motions and everything was easy to telegraph. Bullseye here isn’t boring but….nothing really exciting about him either.

  3. I agree with you on that this series really is getting boring. I havent read this issue yet, but I’m not sure if I plan to either. Aaron isn’t putting into The Punisher what I want out of it, and his style of story telling, as well as Dillons art just isnt working for me. I never thought I would drop a Punisher MAX title either, but I may have to.

  4. Again Aaron doing Punisher in tiny bits might be a better move at this point.

    His X-Mas special was fantastic because it was a little taste at what he can do with the character. Now with 6 full issues at his belt, it’s pretty easy to tell what’s going to happen.

  5. This is an issue that is building anticipation for the conflict between Castle and Bullseye, setting the table, if you will. I do despise poop jokes, but think Aaron included it as part of Bullseye’s low character. Kinda superfluous, sure, but not out of line. Sure, we can see what events the table is set for, but that, in and of itself, needn’t detract from the actual story. I think of it like darker set up to an old comedy movie. If Laurel and Hardy walk into a room where there is a banana cream pie at the top of a later for some reason, we know that pie will topple down on to one of them, but id doesn’t mean it is a useless setup. If you are watching a Marx Brothers movie and some distinguised gentleman with a long beard enters the room, we know that beard is going to get cut off.

     I’ll admit that I haven’t read the last 3 or so years of Punisher Max, so I may not venerate it as much as some, but I am digging the slow burn that Aaron brings here. Although, speaking of burning, it doesn’t hold a candle to Scalped.

  6. @TNC: The X-Mas special is my favorite issue of anything Aaron ever wrote.  This series is OK but not spectacular at all.  I’m a little dissappointed because I’m expecting more, however, this isn’t bad enough to make me drop the title.  I still get enough enjoyment out of it.  The thing that surprised me is the art.  I know he draws many faces the same but I’ve always been a fan of Steve Dillon.  His art seems a little lacking to me, maybe its the colorist but it looks less detailed.  I will tell you one difference I observed about Bullseye from his 616 counterpart. The MAX version can’t make a weapon out of anything, for example, a toothpick.

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