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Story by Brandon Graham
Art by Simon Roy
Cover by Marian Churchland

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99

This entire book – story, art, and back materials is an A class presentation. It doesn’t feel like a 2.99 book, it doesn’t feel like what one would think of when one hears that a Rob Liefeld is relaunched. It has a scientific swagger and a kind of multi-layered personality, at all times being funny, and self reflexive in a postmodern sense; yet giving a tale which doesn’t sit, it wanders to its destination in the exact manner of its main character John Prophet.
The rebirth metaphor in the beginning of the book shouldn’t work, not much of this book should, and the distance of narrator and main character should feel off, but for some reason it’s so spot on.
Simon Roy takes this story and crafts with each inch of the page, from the smallest background elements, to adding word balloons to strange creatures, he makes it simmer. The pencils feel alien and foreign, just like the landscapes and creatures that populate it. The character of John Prophet doesn’t seem to be there either, and it perfectly gives the mood for the art.
The story also leads the reader to want more, not in an annoying way, in a satisfied “I feel like I’m a kid again and want more adventure” way. The last few pages where most of the main plot points seem to occur all hint at things to come, without screaming at them, it’s a weird pace, it’s offbeat, but it’s so great.
Not only does the actual story and art produce joy, but so does the map accompanying the story. It’s nothing that will produce days of going over and figuring out what will be next, but it just gives another reward. The two-pages of Image company materials are also professional, but in a redeeming and authentic way. That ad with Shaky Kane has a lot going for it, specifically the quote in juxtaposition with the Twilight novel on the shelf behind him. What does that ad and the Brubaker interview do for the Prophet book itself? Well, nothing. But as this was the only book I drove to the store for, in midday traffic in a clogged town in Pennsylvania, it gave me even more for 3 bucks, that I wouldn’t have gotten had I spent 4 elsewhere.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


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