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First, before I get to the review I want to say that iFanBoy chose perhaps the worst cover of all the possible covers which include 3 interconnecting #0s done by Alex Ross.  Please don’t judge this series by the superhero on the cover, “Boy King”.

As you would expect this issue sets up the rest of Superpowers Chapter 2, regardless there is plenty of action.  The book begins with a brief flashback of Captain Future, which if you read the prelude issue you know Captain Future will play a signifcant role in this new arc.  However, he is relegated to a flashback of Yank capturing him in Pandora’s Urn.  Flip the page and you get a spread thats a brief Superpower history which features the Superpowers and the Supremecy.  Real time begins with a meeting amongst the Supremecy.  They decide that they need to level NYC (the Superpowers headquarters) to take out the Superpowers in one swoop.  Leader of the United States President West is little bothered by the prospect of some of his citizens being collateral damage.  However, I got the impression that he thinks in the end what he is doing is for the greater good.

Lucky for the Superpowers, their friend the Scarab is also a member of the Supremecy.  The book didn’t go into what I would guess is a complicated sitution.  Regardless, Scarab tells them President West’s plan.  The Superpowers gear up and head to the Pentagon for a premptive strike.  In Green Lama fashion, a tree sprouts up in the middle of the Pentegon and he neutralizes all the “minions”.  Word gets out that the Superpowers are attacking the Pentegon so the Inheritors get ready to go and square off against their former partners because some of them think the Superpowers have gone too far.  The Inheritors are all the Superheros sidekicks that have formed their own league of sorts. 

The Superpowers confront President West who turns out to be a supervillain (as hinted to in the Black Terror mini-series), and the Patriots.  The Black Terror is taken care of quickly and it looks like a major fight is about to begin.  The final part of the book is a spread which shows Black Terror’s origin story as narrated by Kid Terror.

I absolutely love this comic universe.  Its stable, fun, and epic.  In my eyes it can almost do no wrong.  Its what a superhero comicbook should be.  In my opinion, DE has started a new superhero renassiance.  Back to the issue, the artwork is on par with the rest of the books, and we get more tidbits about some of the heros.  Its well worth its $1 pricetag. 

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I apologize for not selecting the SPOILERS option.

  2. @stmarychnj: Tis ok.

    Well I was iffy on the first trade; I thought overall it was a very sloppy executing. But if the #0 of this new volume is good as you say….I might give it a shot.

  3. After finally getting my hands on every issue of everything Super Powers I have to say that the three mini-series they did with DDD, Black Terror, and Masquerade have been the best of it all. 

     @ TheNextChampion:  You are right, the first monster trade is sloppy in places, but looks great in others.  I suppose its difficult to try and do as much as they did.  Never-the-less, the PS Universe really comes into focus with the 3 mini-series, especially the DDD series with Joe Casey WAS GREAT.  I can’t wait until August for the next mini-series/ Meet the Bad Guys w/ Joe Casey + an even better artist.

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