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Looking at the cover for this trade I thought:

“This would make a great Pixar film”

Then I open up the trade and read this comedy gem by Doug Tennapel (Earthworm Jim creator) and think again:

“This would totally work as a children’s film. Pixar or not.”

It has the same principal as the film ‘Click’, where a down and out father suddenly finds technology to improve his life. Instead of a tv remote it’s a video game console; where the dad can grab power ups to improve his life. It can be multiple lives, fire breathing, shields; etc. Of course he uses these devices to improve his family life and of course it all blows in his face by the end.

The plot sounds a bit by the numbers, but with Tennapel’s sense of humor, it works for me. It can be very surreal at times where even the slighest cartoony moment goes unnotice by most of the characters. There are several times where the lead does something incredible but the other characters are not phased by what he did. There’s also a good amount of slapstick moments or just wild, imaginative peices. Like where the guy increases the size of the paintball ammo to where it floods an entire forest.

Even if it’s not the intent this did feel like a movie in a lot of ways. If I was a business savy person, and I’m not, I would tell Tennapel to sell this comic to an animation studio. As a whole though this is a very fun and entertaining graphic novel. Definitely buy it if you have kids because it’s totally appropriate for all ages. Especially to anyone who loves to play video games as much as I do.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Sounds interesting and pretty damn cheap for a OGN. I’ll check it out.

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