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Writer: Andrew Cosby and Michael Alan Nelson
Artist: Christian Dibari
Covers: Leonardo Mancoo and Robert Adler.

Size: pages
Price: 3.99

“BOOM! Studios re-invents the Western – and you’ve never seen the Old
West like this before. Ex-slave and former Union soldier Cole has spent
the years following the Civil War building a reputation as the most
fearsome bounty hunter in the land. But when the tables turn and a
bounty is placed on Cole’s head, all hell breaks loose. Finding himself
unable to protect the thing most precious to him – his family – Cole
goes on a rampage of revenge, leaving only a trail of blood in his
wake. With nothing but his horse, his one surviving son and his gun,
Cole’s rampage leaves no stone unturned and no culprit alive!”

This is utter, utter crap.  Very base drivel.  I assume Boom! is trying to get in on the Jonah Hex bump in western comics (which is unlikely to actually improve sales for any book besides, maybe, Jonah Hex).  So they put out a very flat, half-dimensional story where a black cowboy’s “Injun” wife is raped and killed by evil Whitey and he is done gunna haff him sum reeeeevenge.

In defter hands, this could have been an excellent character study.  Unfortunately, Michael Alan Nelson appears to be missing a few fingers.  The ones with the writing skills.

Andrew Crosby’s story is drained completely of any depth it might have had.

I was shocked to see that Nelson was the writer of Dingo, which was a title I picked up on a slow week last year, and really enjoyed.  But I think this might be unenjoyable, unless you’re viewing it as accidental comedy.  This book reeks of well-intentioned white guy who doesn’t know how to write a minority protagonist, and so he goes for the most obvious, trite dialog and bargain basement cheap scenarios.

If you happen to pick up this comic and think I’m out of line, I would love to hear what you enjoyed about this.  The art is…fine.  It neither detracted nor enhanced my enjoyment, but it, at least, was rendered in two whole dimensions.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 3 - Good

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