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In the wake of all the new Bat-titles coming out this summer, this one can get overlooked.  To me, that would be a mistake.  Tomasi is writing a great arc here.  The begining of the arc (#15) set up the new and current lineup and has been off the ground running ever since.  I know having a group with this many characters can sometimes bog down the story, but he keeps it moving very nicely.

I particularly like confrontation with Deathstroke and the way Geo-Force deals with it.  Add in Black Lighting’s questioning of his tactics sweetens it for me.  I think it is good when they present these characters as “real people” and questioning things instead of blindly following.  It gives it more depth for me.  These chracters are very intriguing, Tomasi really gives you a desire to come back and see what they will do next.

For those of you who think it is too late to come in, I say it is still a great read without catching the previous issues of the arc.  But if you are waiting for the next arc you are in luck.  The crew is set to go after the Arkham escapees, should be lots of fun.  Count me in for the long haul of this title.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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