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Can we all have a moment of silence for The Order please? Matt Fraction’s Initiative spinoff series has been the biggest highlight of the Civil War aftermath for me and I am very upset to see it go. On the other hand, I’m ecstatic that Fraction managed to end this series on such a high note. This issue contained everything that made this series so special. It continued the one-two punch of overthetop comic book superhero action (minus the superpowers) with the rollercoaster of emotions that come when you put ordinary people in extraordinary situations. The character moments was always this series stong point and this issue stayed true to form. It helped solidify that the strength of The Order as a team never came from their powers, but their will to do the right thing. They stand when the rest have fallen, even when half the team, functioning without their powers, suffer from significant handicaps. This book does what only the greatest superhero comics manage to do, show that true heroism doesn’t come from great power, but comes from sheer will and morals.

While I’m saddended to see this book fall off the shelves, I do like how Fraction seemed to set the stage for his upcoming Invicible Iron Man series. Zeke Stane, who came out of nowhere as this series’ main villain, managed to be elevated to a significant threat to Tony Stark as Fraction builds the character’s annimousity and motivations throughout the beginning of the issue, ending with a genuinely creepy exchange between Stane and Stark in the final pages. The Order series may be dead but I’m confidenct the story will continue. With the resurgence of newer Marvel characters like The Hood and The Sentry, I believe this won’t be the last we’ll see of this unique line-up of characters I’ve grown to love over the past ten issues.

My only disappointment is on the art front. After some jaw dropping work by Barry Kitson throughout this series, he only manages to contribute the breakdowns this issue. Instead, Javier Saltares replaces Kitson on the art front. Saltares’ art is merely serviceable when compared to Kitson’s solid line work. I would have loved to seen some consistent art for the entire 10 issues, it would have definitely helped out when this series is finally collected.

Is The Order on par with Watchmen? Of course not! It’s not even close. But it is damn fine superhero comics. Combining everything I love about the genre into an exciting and emotional book, something that is really hard to say when you consider this is a new series starring a group of entirely new characters. Any book that manages to include a super battle with killer robot zombies and a scene where a former amputee forgives the man who crippled him is aces in my book. Thanks for The Order Matt Fraction and I look forward to seeing them sometime in the future.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 2 - Average


  1. Awesome review Mike. It almost makes me want to read the book 😉

  2. @Six: I’m going to make you a button that says: "Give Fraction a chance"

  3. Six, The Order is really good.  I picked up the first trade and it blew me away.  Real talk.

  4. *thunderous applause*

    I’m so glad this series existed, if only for 10 issues, and that Fraction got to end it on his own terms.

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