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Mentioning it on the site earlier this week; this title has gotten better over the last couple of months but it still isn’t a ‘wow’ title. Ever since the Nova Corps came back into fruition, this title has actually gotten worse. It’s gotten back into high gear with Rider as Nova Prime again, but it still hasn’t come close to a pick of the week contender.

With the lead paragraph like that, I’d assume you’d think this is pick of the week right? Well once again it’s not. I just can’t explain this series anymore without saying the obvious. This title has just lost it’s fun factor. Maybe it’s because it’s a tie-in comic now, or maybe it’s because AnL are focusing on the more important aspects of this storyline. I don’t know what it is. But what I can tell you is that while this is no where near a bad comic, it certainly not something I’d recommend to read by issues at this point. Here’s something that does bug me though: Abnett and Lanning, please stop having a fight scene with Rider last more then three pages. Every time Rider fights someone, he says who he is, and then they’re friends again and he moves on. This almost happens every issue and it’s getting tiresome.

The only great thing about this comic is the art. DiVito has definitely gone up to being a formible artist for Nova. Again he’s no Alves, but he does make us say ‘wow’ when you see some of these splash pages. It still looks a bit cartoony to me in some places, but when you get close to some of these panels…it looks really great.

It’s a shame to admit this but it has to be stated. This comic has went from ‘Best cosmic title’ to just another comic. I’m willing to give this comic at least an issue or two after this Wok tie in is over. Which is like another three to four issues if I think of it. Still, I just can’t believe how far this title has went in quality.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Thanks for the review!  Even though I agree that Nova has lagged in quality from its initial issues, I think it’s actually getting back on track.  I liked this issue quite a bit.  When it finished, I wanted to read more.  I think I would give this a 4 for story and 4 for art.  I really like DiVito a lot, but the perspectives seemed off at times.  How big is Blastaar? The same size as Nova, heads and shoulders bigger, or twice as big?

  2. I agree with both of you. I’m with itiscritical on the 4/4 rating (or maybe 4/3), but I see what TNC is saying about this title getting a little stale. I think that GoG got stronger with the tie-in, and this book got a bit weaker. Still, it’s an excellent series.

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