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What makes me happy about Nova in general is how it barely interacts with Earth and it’s problems. Okay so Rider had to be in the Secret Invasion crossovers, but at least that is a cosmic event….it’s not like Nova was forced to fight in World War Hulk or Civil War. Even if Abnett and Lanning is forced to somehow make their title mention recent Marvel events, it never hurts their overall story.

Here this issue, like everything else in today’s Marvel universe, has to somehow focus on Dark Reign. But it also has to focus on ‘War of Kings’ so this issue is forced for a two-for-one deal in terms of events. Let me say the stuff that focuses on ‘War of Kings’ more made me more interested then what was going on Earth (or Dark Reign). I admit I am not reading WoK in issues but at least AnL can write pretty damn good cosmic stuff. Worldmind setting everybody up for the war and then a hilarious use of Ego the Living Planet made me yurn for this title to get back on track. But then we have to focus on non-powered Richard Rider; who, without any powers to begin with is very very boring. Or course we have to show how Earth is changing with Osborn in charge, of course we have to focus on how it’s hurting everyone that HAMMER is in charge….and of course we get a huge twist with the female lead. Actually I got to give AnL credit, I didnt see that twist coming with Dr. Necker but still it was a twist that didnt make me all excited for.

So what I am trying to drag my point to is that….this issue was boring. Boring as anything. Does the ‘Dark Reign’ stuff being introduced here is a cocinidence that I find this boring? Maybe, but overall this entire arc of Worldmind rebuilding the corps went from pretty sweet to now dragging by it’s fingernails. Even the last page cliffhangers arent what they used to be. I dont know if it’s because of Dark Reign, or that Abnnet and Lanning are practically doing a third of all Marvel books….But my interest in this series is wanning a bit. I hope this gets back on track…and fast.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Anybody who read Abnett’s Death’s Head II series in the 90s will have seen that Necker twist coming. That’s the series she started out on as a character, and what they’ve done here is effectively set her up for the story they were telling in that series (Which began with Necker working for A.I.M. ten years from now Marvel Time).

    I couldn’t disagree with you more on the story. The HAMMER stuff was not obtrusive, and launched another plot down another path as I mentioned above. But I don’t honestly understand how you could find powerless Richard Rider boring in this issue. It moved along at a very believable pace, and set up for War of Kings as just one of several plots. There were plentifully enough plots interweaving to keep people’s interest, in my opinion, and in terms of story I think this has been the best issue in about 6 months.

  2. i’m with thesword I just pulled this out of a quarterbin and couldn’t have been happier. It’s probably one of the most "non convoluted" of tales in Nova history. It’s down to earth (no pun intended) and didn’t throw us off too much. It had the cosmic porn people were looking for and aside from the Quasar crap the story served it’s purpose…

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