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If there is a comic that has surprised me since the DC relaunch then it would have to be Nightwing. I’m a fan of Kyle Higgins but I never thought I would be reading a Dick Grayson comic and actually enjoying it. But give credit where credit is due, Higgins is doing a wonderful job making this a fun and intriguing comic to read month in and out. Of course there are a few hiccups here and there, but for the most part this is a solid comic for anyone getting into the industry.

Speaking of hiccups, my only complaint about this issue in itself is that it is kind of filler. I mean it does advance the story but it moves at such a crawl that you could have easily squeezed this into half an issue and continue. Scenes like Dick talking to Alfred is nice and I did like his fight in Texas; but they ultimately don’t lead to anywhere significant when it comes to the plot. If anything though those sequences show how good of a writer Higgins is and how he can make this not too serious of a read. You could easily see a melodrama, soap opera forming after the reveal of Saiko’s identity but thankfully Higgins avoids that for now.

Eddy Barrows is still the artist for this book but he seems to have gotten some help from Geraldo Borges for the pencils. This issue, if anything, shows how vital inkers and colorists are because I could barely tell who did what page throughout this. Maybe Borges has the same style as Barrows but you really got to squint to see it. Inkers Eber Ferreria, Ruy Joes, and colorist Rod Reis do a great job in this issue making everything consistent and pretty to look at. For the most part this is an action first type of serious and when you have a big fight scene, everyone involved makes it easy to follow and enjoyable to look at. (Although the new villain of the week ‘Shox’ is pretty terrible…) Sometimes faces can be a bit off and lifeless at times. But for the most part this series is finally showing me why people should give a damn about Eddy Barrows.

So while this issue is a bit slow at times, this is yet another solid outing by Kyle Higgins and the gang. This isn’t meant to be an insult BUT: this comic is like a fun, B-movie you’d find in a drive-thru. The flaws are there but you’re having way too much fun to notice or care. Add in some great art by two artists no less, and a testament to great inkers and colorists, and you got a fun issue all around.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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