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Story by Kyle Higgins
Art by Andres Guinaldo, Raul Fernandez, & Mark Irwin
Colors by Rod Reis
Letters by Dezi Sienty
Cover by Eddy Barrows & Rod Reis

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

Kyle Higgins is doing a good job on Nightwing. His storys remain enjoyable from start to finish. Some readers don’t like that, since the reboot, there has been mostly nobobdys facing off against the heroes, but Higgins has been making the villains in Nightwing interesting. This issue guest artist Andres Guinaldo does a great job. There is a good amount of action and Kyle Higgins wraps up the mystery surrounding Paragon very well. It was cool to learn that his origin went back all the way to issue #2. The conflict involving Detective Travis was also interesting. Last issue he seemed to be one of Gotham’s dirty cops, but this issue things seem different. Also Eddy Barrows drew an amazing cover.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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