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New Mutants hits me squarely in the nostalgia spot. I grew up with the team and always found their tales more interesting than Xavier’s older students. I still miss Cypher though it seems his return is upon us.

Wells really hits the mark on this issue. The earlier issues have been all about the team’s current adventure, and those were enjoyable, but this issue really gets into what made the original run great – the interpersonal relationships of the members and the team dealing with what they’ve seen. The scenes between Sam and Dani were some of the best in the book. I’m also really interested in the development between Illyana and Shan. Great writing on Wells’ part.

Marvel has found the perfect artist for New Mutants – Zachary Baldus. His style is reminiscent of Sienkiewicz, though a bit more pastel in appearance. His Warlock is brawnier than in the past, but still retains the googly eyes and crazy hair. That definitely made me smile. Issue 5 is a great jumping on point for new readers as well as an entertaining read for long-time fans.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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