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Size: 48 pages
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I hadn’t heard a damn thing about this book until I saw how highly it had been pulled, and all the discussion swirling around it prompted me to give it a glance in the store. The glance at the superb artwork prompted me to take it home, and the fascinating story has prompted me to commit to the next few issues without fail.

I see a lot of people commenting that the characters seem one-dimensional, and while I agree that this is how they’re presented to us initially, I also don’t necessarily see that as a negative. Take Runaways, for example. Here was a story starring a group of six completely cliched archetype characters: Goth, snarky chick, dumb jock, nerdy gamer, granola cruncher and naive kid. It may have seemed derivative, but what this choice of characters did right from the start was allow us to immediately identify with and understand the POV of each character, and from there BKV was able to subvert our expectations and evolve each of them from predictable dialogue machines into fascinating and engaging people.

From the first introduction of each of the new students at Morning Glory we understand a great deal about them, primarily due to the broad brush technique that writer Nick Spencer in presenting their personalities. Because these are archetypes that we are familiar with we instantly relate to them and react emotionally when they are thrown into a situation that seems strange and dangerous. This not only give us a clear barometer by which to gage the fantastic twists of the story, but it also elicits expectations that, as this mystery unfolds and the stakes climb higher, we will learn more and more about these kids, fleshing them out and elevating them beyond their cliches.

This was a great book and I’m very excited for the next issue. Pick it up without delay. You definately wanna be on the ground floor with this one.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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