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I’ve been critizing Brian Michael Bendis for the last couple of weeks now because of Secret Invasion. It’s been a highly debated topic on whether this event has been poorly plotted or not and we’ve all hit a standstill. Little did I realise that BMB might have had problems of plotting in a book a couple of years before this event came out. I’m talking about the lackluster Mighty Avengers series and now that it’s out in paperback I’d like to recall just how poor this series really is.

Some comics have some claim of fame even if they are bad. They have a memorible line, moment, or just something that makes people remember the series for a while. Mighty Avengers has none of these traits at all and this is just a bad comic all around. Maybe it’s a little bias for me because I didnt like the end of Civil War and this new (and correctly proven) smug team of Avengers was going to get old. But hey Bendis knows how to write the Avengers, I loved New Avengers before and after the war and I was hoping my worries would go away once this series started. Well it’s safe to say that they’re are no likable characters, no great moments, and nothing worthwhile to remember here. The characters are shallow and sometimes they feel way off their normal traits.

I didnt realise Wasp was such a shallow and preppy woman, who cares more about her hair instead of her friends in battle. (Although looking back at old issues of Avengers maybe I’m just not big on Wasp history) Iron Man is a hateful man and makes underwhelmed and bitch Ms. Marvel like a toddler. The less said about adding Sentry to this story the better….Okay so the characterization is bad, but the story is good right? Sadly no, while in New Avengers Bendis was adding Elektra, Hood, and even mini SI hints on that title; he gives us yet the millionth Ultron battle and the fact that she is a woman is only a crutch so Cho can draw a naked woman for 6 issues. Plus dont get me started on those thought bubbles, oh god the thought bubbles! It’s hard to really read the story when a small thought bubble interrupts the discussion to tell us an unnessicary line to read about someone. Sorry I care more about how to stop Ultron and not see Ares say why he wants to love Black Widow…

The less said also about Cho’s art the better as well. Okay I admit at first glance it looks pretty gorgeous as he can draw people pretty well. But then I realise the annoy traits that makes me hate Cho to begin with. Too many sexual shots of women and again the fact that Ultron is a woman is clearly just making Cho’s job much easier.¬†Then I noticed that Ares look on and off like a gorilla and that Tony Stark outside his armor looks like that plumber from a cheesy porno video.¬†Even if it doesnt concern the trade, why the hell was this arc delayed so damn much!? Looking at this trade in one full run makes it laughable to think Cho took so long with this title. I know this site had an article about delaying artists but damnit, we should wait for a medicore story just because Cho needed a few more weeks to put more detail in his cheesecake ladies.

Sure this series sorta got better once we got out of this and went into the Venom Bomb and Doom storyline. But it was too little too late and this series is now just a laughing stock to me and now it is holding very medicore stories for Secret Invasion makes it even worse in my eyes. Bendis is a gifted writer and he has done much better work before this series came out. But this was the first warning sign for me when it came to future storylines for him. I mean if he cant write a simple and decent team up book then how is he going to handle more bigger events down the road? Then came 2008 and the rest is Ifanboy history.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Really, I dont know I enjoyed it, but hey I can see some of your point.

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