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So we are still sitting calmly in the first month of the eight month long Secret Invasion. Normally creators have shown us the first issue and maybe one or two tie in issues but nothing of much significance. But here is where the Secret Invasion and Brian Michael Bendis are doing things right. They came out of the gates swinging.

Mighty Avengers #12 is the first major Secret Invasion tie in that we have seen and if this is a prelude of things to come count me in. The issue pics up where the Secret Wars left off and Nick Fury fell of the scene. We have all patiently been wondering where he went and what he was doing with his life and now we all know. But the issue is strong on so many levels. Bendis does an amazing job of setting the tone and mood for the comic right after the Secret War and the way he weaves his Secret Invasion plot into the mix is creative and great in itself.

The art is strong and does fit the books tone. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Maleev’s art but he does seem to suit this type of story and with his track record with Bendis ( Daredevil and Halo: Uprising ) is strong and he doesnt dissapoint.

But coming into the Secret Invasion what did everyone want? They wanted reveals. They had thier ideas and thier doubts but all in all they wanted the kind of reveals that blows you away. And how did Bendis respond? With exactly that. People surely will be shocked by the reveals but one must admire Bendis’s bold approach in not holding anything back. Any normal writer would have held his cards close till the end was near and pull the reveal out then, which surely would have dragged us through issue after issue with no reward. But not here. We know off the bat after one issue and one tie in who some of the major players are in the upcoming story. Ultimately, this brings on the growing question of “If he has revealed these people already hiding, what else does he have up his sleeve?” The story is great and the art is strong and in the end the issue does exactly what any tie in is meant to do… Leave you satisfied but wanting more.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Nice review. I think that you have been a bit easy on Maleev’s art, but you make a great point about making a splash early in a crossover. I have always liked Nick Fury in small bunches, but I cannot remember a better Col. Fury story.

    By the way, what do people think about the last page? I get the feeling that Nick will be the key to identifying the Skrulls. Whereas the scientists like Reed, Tony, Hank McCoy, and their ilk will focus on genetic and structural differences, Nick Fury can catch the nuance. He can identify changes in fighting style and personality. Moreover, he will catch overperformers and underperformers failing to live up to type. For instance, Captain America always fights over his head, because by powers alone he would never be a world-class hero. On the other hand, the Sentry is an underachiever. If The Wasp suddenly takes out an entire HYDRA installation or Luke Cage is bested by Ka-Zar, Nick will catch it first.

    Last point – let’s hope Lockjaw isn’t a Skrull (as suggested on the 2-page spread at the end). Not Lockjaw! Anyone but Lockjaw!

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