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Ewwww, he just put his Mister Hoo-haw into her Skrull-snizz. Ewww!
What was with Nick Fury’s hair? Did he just have a bald wig on, or did he grow a full head of hair overnight?
Pretty good issue overall, Bendis has certainly got my attention with Secret Invasion which I was planning on boycotting until I picked up the first issue of Secret Invasion. Then I found myself scrambling to make up for some lost issues because I dropped most Marvel titles since Civil War.
The biggest drawback was the art on this issue…some of it is really quite good, but I think Hollingsworth’s inks don’t do Mallev’s pencils any favors. I understand they’re going for dark and sketchy because these are dark and sketchy times, but the quality of the finished product seems sub-par to me. I would prefer it if Maleev never attempted to draw Jessica Drew again, she looked like an extra in some underground 70’s porno to me, but I digress…
The story was solid, it’s good to see Nick Fury back in action, although I find it hard to swallow that a camouflage watch issued by SHIELD wouldn’t have some sort of GPS device in it too. Am I asking too much here? I also find it hard to believe that Tony Stark never thought to look in Mexico to find Fury, but I’ll keep reading.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average

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