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After the great revamping of the Zombie universe by Fred Van Lente; I thought it would be nice to come back and see how it all began. Sadly; I didnt realise how generic and boring the old stories really were.

‘Dead Days’ (Written by Robert Kirkman, Art by Sean Phillips): Alright well the original team of the series comes back to give us a ‘prequel’ of sorts to the entire situation. This is actually a semi-sequal to the Army of Darkness team up since this takes place mere seconds after Spider-Man helps Ash escape. Basically this issue is just setting up plot points for the very first Marvel Zombies story. Reed goes crazy, Giant Man captures Black Panther, Stark and others get infected. It really isnt as interesting as I’m trying to make it here cause it’s just quickly showing us how this universe got ****ed up in a few short hours. It doesnt feel anything like a Kirkman title and this could’ve been the start of Kirkman not caring for his mainstream comics. Cause he definitely didnt put any effort in the next MZ story. Phillips art is perfect as ususal for this story and just read the other Zombie stories to see how good it is. (Story-2 Art-4)

‘Crossover’ (Written by Mark Millar, Art by Greg Land): Ah the place where it all started. If anyone didnt know, this Zombie Universe was introduced in the Ultimate Fantastic Four title; issue numbers #21-23 I believe. It’s a great set up to where Reed Richards goes into the universe cause you believe he’s actually going to the 616 universe. But in the end he gets thrown into the zombie universe and gets help from the Magneto of that universe to escape. It’s Millar as his craziest and this was a great way to set up the original mini-series that would come out. Greg Land isnt a great artist; I’m sure a lot would agree. But for some reason his art here isnt too bad and there is actually fluidity in his art. So many times I saw in Uncanny where it looks like his pencils are static and the faces are frozen in place. But here it’s actually good pencilling and coloring for a pretty good crossover event. (Story-4 Art-4)

‘Good Eatin’ (Written by Reginald Hudlin, Art by Francis Portela from Black Panther #27-30): This is the worst of the bunch. I never read the Black Panther title until Jason Aaron wrote a wonderful Secrect Invasion tie-in. But I do remember BP was in the Fantastic Four and somehow they are in this Black Panther title. Somehow they get transported into the Zombie universe, somehow they land in an alien planet instead of earth; and somehow they have to get back without ‘Galactus’ (the zombies who got Galactus powers in MZ1) killing them. I’m saying ‘somehow’ a lot cause at the end of the day I dont know how all these plot elements ended up as they are. This was a jumbled up mess and it was confusing to read. The art doesnt help matters either, too cartoony for it’s own good. Whne Portela tries to get into a Sean Phillips vibe and draw in his style; it fails miserably. All this story arc showed is that the Zombie universe is being played out too much and Black Panther must’ve been a terrible series before Aaron jumped on board. (Story-2, Art-1)

So in the end what did we learn here? Well obviously the Zombie universe was on it’s last legs. I mean the sequal to Marvel Zombies wasnt that great to begin with. But because Van Lente did the third installment to the series, he somehow added new life into an undead situation. Go out and read Marvel Zombies 3 and the eventual Marvel Zombies 4: Midnight Sons. Those two titles will be a much better read then this prequal of a trade.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good

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