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When I picked this comic up in May it was only because I had a few extra dollars in my pocket and I figured what the hell Lockjaws in it.  The story was simple and cute, but what keeps the story interesting is the characters and the aritst ability to do a excellent job in showing their emotions and personalities. I dont say this often but the art is beautiful in this book. I never heard of  Ig Guara but his pencils are so simple but yet so detail that i can tell all of the emotions of the pet avengers. Plus, his layouts are smooth and easy to follow. Also, Guara and the colorist Chris Sotomayor should be permanetly paired up.  Sotomayor colors make Guara art only more beautiful. I will seriously buy a page of this guys art on the Throg character alone. In the end, they could actually take the wordballon out and I would still buy this book.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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