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OK, Folks. This will be a short review.

I had a feeling that the story couldn’t get any worse than issue #1. In fact, this was a little bit better. Still, the authors have essentially no touch for writing Colossus and She-Hulk, who are clearly the best-known characters in this series. Nobody knows how Blazing Skull should act, and only a subset of Marvel fans know much about Nighthawk.

At least the story was coherent this time. And the bit about the casino destruction was actually funny. On the other hand, this could never in a million years be considered essential reading.

And the art. Oh the art. Yeech the art. This may be the worst art I have seen in a Marvel book in years. The Iron Man was simply a disproportionate robot-like thing. And She-Hulk had no muscles. She’s the She-HULK! Worse than all of this is Nighthawk’s face. It’s weird-looking – distractingly so. Check out the little fact sheet on Nighthawk at the back of the book, where you will find a Marvel Silver Age-style picture of Nighthawk. Kind of a cool looking character (if not an exceptional one). Now go back to the comic. Try not to laugh. Or leak out the vomit in your mouth.

Overall rankings – Story 3. Art 1.

Better luck next time.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. yep, this review nails it.

    I also can’t read superhero books were the costumes of the characters remind me of how ridiculous a concept what I’m reading actually is and Nighthawk has, hands down, the silliest costume in all of Marvel.



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