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I’m a man born in the 1990’s, and I didnt start getting into comics until the turn of the new millenium. Then why is it that one of my favorite superheroes is a Golden Age character, who in essance was a prototype for the real Green Lantern? This has puzzled me for quite some time, but it’s hard to deny my love for Alan Scott.

Alan Scott, like Jay Garrick, is a hero that I just totally love. Sure he’s been rebooted a few times, got some new powers, but he is usually the same person from the 1940’s. He is a Green Lantern, but not in the ways you guys might know Lanterns today. He was just an average guy who got his powers from a mystical flame and thus the original lantern was born. Okay so it’s a crazy Golden Age origin, I couldnt have thought of anything better if I was the writer.

Anyways, imaging my surprise when I heard DC is making a GN all about Alan Scott. It made me gitty like a girl and I picked this up first thing at my LCS. Here’s my only complaint about this, I thought this was going to be a Showcase style book….You know show us old issues of Alan Scott, or maybe this was the ‘Greatest Stories’ series and show us a story of his from every decade. But no, this is in fact a collection of modern age stories (mostly from JSA: Classified) and has his enemy, Solomond Grundy as the villian.

Okay so I’m a little disappointed this isnt an old collection, but I had a ton of fun reading this still. I hope soon we see more collections of Golden Age heros from today. Why not do some with Jay Garrick, Power Girl, Hawkman, and other heroes?…..Oh right that’s called Justice Society of America…..Still this was really entertaining and I’d say it’s a good pick me up if you want something different then Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner. But DC, where is my Showcase: Alan Scott TPB?

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I love that cover. 

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