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  1. You ought to pick up some of the earlier issues in trade.  I really like the issue that have a horror edge to them.

  2. Working on it.  Thanks for the suggestion

  3. I too, am a big fan of these types of comics. I discovered Jonah Hex much in the same way you did, about a month or two before this series started (six gun war) and it hooked me right away.  I only pray and hope that Hollywood doesn’t ruin it with the live action version. Jonah Hex is so under the radar even today, that a lo of people are unfamiliar with the comics and are most likely only going to base their opinions about this character on the movie, which spells trouble. Hollywood doesn’t have the best record when it comes to comic book inspired movies. I would love to go back and get the trades too but money is the problem for me. Great reaview BTW.


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