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I would like to tell you something about this book. I would like to say it’s good. But I can’t. The art is at times mediocre, but mostly bad. But the colors are the real criminal. Dear God! everyone looks like they suffering from diarrhea or typhoid.

I would say I liked the story, But I can’t read it more than half way through.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. Yeah, the art is atrocious. Too bad because Fraction’s doing a pretty good job.

  2. I’m confused by this rating.  Why is the art 3 and the story 1, if the art’s the reason you can’t look at the story?

  3. oops, gotta correct that!

  4. Haha, okay!  I really thought I was missing some complex point about the relationship between words and images.  And yeah, the art in this doesn’t bother me *that* much but I would like this book a lot more if I enjoyed the visual style.

  5. This book could be sooo much more if it had a better artist. My fantasy picks for art on this book? Joe Bennett. Billy Tan. Matthew Clark.

  6. Art would be bearable if the colors weren’t this bad. Screw it marvel, give it to us in black and white!

  7. Inking is equally horrible.

  8. It is a shame, the story is good I really like that Stark has the tables flipped and is being hunted for "breaking the law" now.  On the art I especially dislike how Osborn looks, he appears 20-30 years older than he should here.

  9. I don’t think it is the art that is bad, it is average not great but not bad. The problem I have with it is that everyone looks like wax figures so I would blame the inking.

  10. ohhh, and tony has to loose the ‘stache, he needs and grow the full beard or loose the facial hair all together.

  11. The penciller is doing the inking.

  12. i hate the art, but i like where the story is going,  no this issue, but the whole story.  will you buy #10?

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