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The movie, the video game and now a new series. I’ve been entrenched in Tony’s world for the past week, one that I never thought I’d be interested in checking out. Relatable? Not a whit. It’s difficult to relate to a hyper-intelligent recovering alcoholic surrounded by beautiful women who commands the world’s peace keeping force and drives a flying suit of coolness to work. So even when he’s well-written, I still feel detached from the character. THAT said, however, we are off to a strong start.

Some very familiar technology has shown up in Tanzania, Africa. Some for the people’s benefit, some..not so much. Enter our hero, Stark. While he’s trying to figure out where the tech came from, Ezekiel Stane is busy testing out his new “upgrades” and being a smartass (which I’m enjoying.) I don’t think I’ve met Ezekiel before, but he’s a snot-nosed little punk with the smarts and cunning to back it up. The kid severely needs a spanking, but he’s fun to watch nontheless. “Let’s make out and whip up more plans for mass slaughter”.  Looks like he’s definately going to be a thorn in Tony’s side.

Also important to note? Tony’s having some concerns about his armor. Something’s not right with it, and it’s got him worried.

The Good:
This is the Tony that I liked in the film. I was worried that the Tony in the current Marvel U. would still be a complete tool when the film came out and people who came into comics from the movie would be horrified at what they found. But this Stark is kinda fun to read. He’s always problem solving, even during battle. While tossing mini bombs at baddies, he’s making notes to himself to improve this, change that. Also, Pepper Potts is quickly becoming my favorite Marvel redhead (though why Lorocca decided to model her after Nicole Kidman and not Gwenneth, I’m not sure).
The art in the book is solid, though Salvador’s Tony is a little…off. He REALLY shines once the Iron Man suit goes on. He draws a badass suit.

The Bad:
Come ON. Dum Dum Dugan? Why can’t Marvel keep this stuff straight??
So aggrevating. That’s pretty much it for the bad though.

The Wrap-up:
If you liked the movie, check this one out, for sure. It’s worth it.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Zeke Stane showed up a few months ago in ‘The Order,’ also written by Fraction.  I’m not sure if he’s an original creation, but I’m pretty sure he’s never appeared in this capacity.  Pepper’s also a featured player in that series, so if you enjoy what Fraction’s doing here, you might want to go back and check out that series.

    Also, I think it’s pretty reasonable for them to set this before Secret Invasion; they want something jumponable for people who saw the movie.  The last thing I’d want is to drop people straight into ‘Secret Invasion.’  And Dum Dum has been a regular in ‘Iron Man: Director of SHIELD,’ so this is nothing new.

  2. Good point about SI and Dum Dum…but he had no reason to even be in this issue. If I remember, anything he said could have come out of Shield Agent #256 and it wouldn’t have mattered.

    Just seems careless to include him.

    Thanks for the recommendation on The Order..i’ll have to go back and look for it!


  3. How the heck did you get this so early???         Anyhow, I’m just happy to see Shellhead back on the map!  I’ve been an Iron Fan for so long and he’s been through some pretty pitiful incarnations (Teen Stark anyone?) and its just nice to see some great storytelling aside from the Initiative stuff taking place.  I’m sure I’ll enjoy every bit of it.

  4. oh, well Marvel sends out weekly advance copies of upcoming issues to my comic shop.
    i’m not sure if the shop has to request them, or if they send them to every shop, but we get them, and me and the other clerks share them.

    I’ve never read the teen Tony story, but I did try to read the Demon In A Bottle TPB, and I got 2 issues in before getting bored and moving on to another book. I just can’t get into the older IM stuff for some reason..

  5. @johnnydestructo — I’d suggest giving ‘Demon in a Bottle’ another try — there’s a lot of skimmable filler, but when you get to the last issue, a lot of stuff comes together that’s not apparent the first time through.  Or, alternatively just read the last issue :).

    Also, "Armor Wars" is genuinely awesome comics if you can get past the hair and clothes.  I swear to God, I remember 1987, people didn’t dress like that!!

  6. This book was exactly what was needed from an Iron Man title to coincide with the film.  A non-comics reader doesn’t need to know who Stane is to enjoy this comic, because Fraction returns to all of the fun stuff from the film–the technology, Pepper, Rhodey, some killer action…

    Umm, DC…could you PLEASE do something like this for one of the Trinity?  I’d really like to give my friends reasons to start reading comics.  This title will help me out in that regard.

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