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First of all, I must mention that the issue before this one was one of,
if not the best issue of Herc’s series yet. The humor and art and just
plain everything about it was wonderful, embodying the spirit and point
of this book: awesome fun.

Unfortunately, not all acts can be filled with comedy. Or even
interesting things. That is at least the case for the beginning of Act
V for The Incredible Hercules: Love & War. The issue starts hot off
the high heels of #124’s end where the world has been turned
upside-down and outside-in. Several prominent superheroes have either
switched genders (the Amazing Spider-Woman) or dumped their other
halves (Ms. Fantastic), while others are just there for the sake of
botched foolery (the White Pheonix). Oh, and the country is now ruled
by Amazonian fascism.

Though the issue begins with such horrors, the Lion of Olympus – who
ironically looks more manly (and Christ-like) than usual in said
alternate reality – and his scribes, Pak and Van Lente, deliver
tremendous testosterone triumph that only this book can. Smart with
myths, sharp with wit, and just the right amount of humanity for Herc
and Amadeus to be thought of – once the divinity and intelligence are
stripped – as just two ordinary dudes in extraordinary situations. (Two
fine examples of this are the breakup splash and the “pizza” panel.)

So while it didn’t match up to the goofy glory of Act IV, Love &
War’s final installment manages to continue the signature, silly style
of the series solidly. (Plus, the issue manages to plug the new Agents
of Atlas series, so that’s an extra point for this one.) It’s your duty
as a man and patron of comics to read this series.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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