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Another reason why I love Incredible Herc is that for all of it’s funny jokes and sound effects: It still has a serious tone to the book.

This issue was more advancing the plot then just straight up humor, but there was still some good funny bits here. Herc’s ‘Home Alone’ shock expression was priceless and I love this new angle with the Gods. If you thought ‘corporate’ Red Skull was funny, then wait til you get a load of these people. Didnt realise God’s had a share in the stock market….Anyways again there was more seriousness to the plot and I loved the mythological side of this. Pak and Van Lente know their stuff when it comes to Greek Mythology.

Overall the review has to be cut short cause there’s just so much you can repeat when it comes to this title. There is a ton of action and humor, but it can be serious when it wants to be. The art is colorful and crisp, and the sound effects for this are some of the best in the business. Someone decided to hate on this title on the video podcast lately, well dont listen to him….This is one of the best Marvel titles out right now. (Probably one out of four I will still pick up thanks to Secret Invasion)

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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