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Let’s get this out of the way. No funny jokes (or regular jokes), and no analogies.

I picked this up cause I thought maybe Pak was doing a good job on the other side of the Hulk universe. Jeph Loeb has ruined any type of momentum WWH, I guess, was suppose to do….and as much as I love Incredible Hercules, that really has no impact what so ever with Hulk. So yeah I would imagine this title, something that focuses on a major plot point from Planet Hulk and WWH would be sorta decent. Plus Pak does do Incredible Herc so it should be good right?

Well sadly I was bored to tears on this. I literally didnt even finish this. This trade has the first 5 issues and 3 seperate one-shots (which would explain the ridiculous and B.S. price tag) and I just stopped after the regular issues. So tedious, so long winded, nothing really has happened in this five issues. I understand Skaar might be visiting his papa in the near future; but with very little character development I cant see that being any enjoyable. Skaar is just like Hulk in almost every way, so there is no special character traits, and the supporting cast/villains are so one-dimensional. Not even the very good art by Guice and Garney can keep me going in this trade.

You really got to wonder just how Marvel allowed their (arguably) most famous character sunk this low. His main title is a joke, his son’s title is a snorefest, and again as much as I love Hercules; that isnt getting much attention as it should either. We all talk about sometimes how Marvel seems to get their comics and/or character right more then DC. Well here’s an example of how Marvel has totally fucked up a character. I just cant imagine how they are going to get Hulk back to the way he used to be. They had so much potental with Planet Hulk it just amazes me how low they sunk him. It really does.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. While I think that I enjoyed the opening of the Skaar series more than you appear to have, I understand where you’re coming and found the first issues to be very slow and at times too obscure and difficult to follow.  There have been some better stories since what you’ve read, but based on your reaction I doubt it would be worthwhile for you to pick them up.  The decision by Marvel to make the Hulk their annual event and then follow that up by rebooting his series was extremely bizarre, and I would suggest that on whole it hasn’t worked out so well.

    And I also agree that Hercules has been a lot of fun, generally overlooked, and has next-to-nothing to do with the Hulk universe.  The decision to change Hulk to Herc was hard to follow…

  2. @rwpos: Just imagine them doing this to like….Fantastic Four or Iron Man. Where like the main cast would be split up after a very big storyline happening in their title. Marvel wouldnt do that to their biggest characters. But for some reason they allowed Pak and the rest to screw around with Hulk. Look I am all for new and interesting stories; but sending Hulk into space was obviously the wrong decision to make.

    Incredible Herc, in my eyes, is the only shiny spot in this whole ordeal. Best book to come out in a long time….even if that is getting shoehorned into Dark Reign.

  3. Well, in fairness, Marvel has broken the FF membership apart after major story events (like Ben staying behind after Secret War), and they’ve shuffled the man behind the iron suit a few times in Iron Man (James Rhodes, or Young Tony after the Crossing).  But they’ve never just handed the titles over to a guest star and made it that character’s title (e.g. one month it’s FF #568 guest starring the Silver Surfer, the next month it’s Silver Surfer #569…).  It’s more of a throw back to the old-time anthology series days (Journey into Mystery, Tales of Suspense).  The Incredible Hulk series that ended after Peter David’s run didn’t start on #1, it actually started on #101, picking up on the numbering of Astonishing Tales.  Still, the recent trainwreck with the Hulk titles is absolutely baffling, even if not unprecedented.

  4. @rwpos: I think what I am more upset about is the price tag for this trade!

    $30!? (w/o tax) I know there is a lot of issues in this….but $30!? I’ve seen bigger HC’s that where at least $5 cheaper then this.

  5. If I remember, it was 4-5 issues of new story.  I was interested, but it was too pricey.  I much prefer the 12 issue HC for $35.

  6. I hope that you didn’t actually pay cover price though!  There are so many online discount services for trades that I almost consider cover price for any trade to be too high, regardless of the actual amount.  Nonetheless, I agree, $30 is pretty steep.

  7. At least it’s not the 300 HC…

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