HULK #18

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I miss the old art. The story was an almost unreadable clusterfuck. Loeb is reaching extensively to try and salvage any sort of reason for his story to even exist. If this is, in fact, what he sold the editors on from the get go… what a bunch of shit editors Marvel has. I know Loeb is a name, but he not a very good one. Some of Portacio’s pages were amazing and fantastic, but others were distorted, poorly angled or simply poorly drawn. Incredibly uneven. The Ron in me just cannot let my old stand by go.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good


  1. If your old standby is Loeb, I can’t help you.

    If your old standby is Red Hulk, I can’t help you.

    If your old stanby is Hulk/Banner, read Incredible Hulk.

    It isn’t that great, but it has to be better than this.

  2. no it really doesn’t. bad is bad and this entire event is just bad.

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