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You’ll pardon my bias when I tell you that George Martin is the best modern fantasy writer, barring none.

His mastery of character is surpassing excellence. He creates a believeable, even though entirely fictious, world. Characters breath there and you find it easy to empathize with their plights. They react in believeable and earnest manners. The world lacks fireballs and wizards on every corner, it focuses more on how people deal with the complicated and draconian sociology of their world. The only knock on the writing here is that you may have already read this short story in its original novelized format. This is the culmination of the plot, not a jumping on point. I also recommend the first TPD, simply titled The Hedge Knight.

This is the Dabel Brothers art. It is crisp, clean and beautifully realized. The characters are well personalized (large, short, fat, hard, innocent, gentle, simple) and the artist does a very good job telling the story throughout the series. Nicely colored as well.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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