HEART #4 (OF 4)

Review by: DavidRose92

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    Story by Blair Butler
    Art by Kevin Mellon

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    Price: 2.99

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    Story: 4 - Very Good
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    1. While, like you, I admire that Butler skipped the Rocky-like / predictable denouement for her tale… I had some problems with both the writing and art all through this miniseries, which led me to be disappointed with HEART. It should’ve been right up my alley – I’ve been an MMA / UFC fan for a long time, and as a lifelong comic reader, I get excited on the rare occasions I’ve seen the sport pop up in comics pages, if even for one panel. I just wish Butler had gone to greater lengths to make each issue of HEART feel different in tone/theme from the one before or after it. (Except for the last half of the last issue, all 4 chapters read like a homogenous blur.) Mellon’s art didn’t help that; I just found it way too choppy for my taste, it looked more like sketch breakdowns to me than finished art.

      But I do appreciate Butler’s & Mellon’s efforts. If they ever did a follow-up to this, I’d certainly give it another try.

      • Totally agree. I wanted to leave my personal opinion out of the review as much as possible and just talk about the story — which, as a whole, I thought was very good. But I do agree with everything you said.

        The biggest problem was there really wasn’t any substance to the book. It would have helped the story a lot for Oren to have developed a few relationships along the way. Not just summaries on fellow fighters.

        Anyhow, all else aside, this will read well in trade.

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