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Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Cover by GENE HA

Size: 32 pages
Price: 3.99

I gotta be honest with you: I hate Larfleeze. I hate him with a passion. Not just because he’s technically a villain, but for how much Geoff Johns uses him. He was a great idea for a character, but Johns has used him way to much and he has literally hogged the spotlight on the self-titled ‘GREEN LANTERN’ book. So you must be asking yourself after this: Why? “Why are you buying this one-shot TNC if you hate Larfleeze?” To answer: I’m not sure. For some reason, even with a heavy week for myself, I felt the need to pick this up. Maybe my I had a premonition this was going to be my Pick of the Week and…..Oh well I gave it away too early didn’t I?

Yes, a character I am not a huge fan of and a one-shot I barely decided to pick up, is the best comic I read this week. How you ask? Well, Geoff Johns just made this a really fun comic to read. That’s basically it. There’s nothing special about this Christmas theme one-shot; hell there’s barely a message in this really. All this comic was, was ‘fun’ to me. Geoff Johns does a lot of crazy things in here and I don’t want to really spoil it in this review. Let’s just say some of the transitions and situations we see in this were unexpected and really made me smile. Also, a little spoiler, seeing Larfleeze dressed as Indiana Jones was the big highlight. Then you have the great backup by the Tiny Titans team of Art Baltazar and Franco! I try to read Tiny Titans without looking like a weirdo. So having this as a backup in a, seemingly, normal adult comic is a boon too.

Now I’ve never heard of Brett Booth before. From the looks of the ‘comic book database’ website, he seems to be a bit of a journeyman. Also, he seems to be well known for the ‘Anita Blake’ adaptation for Marvel. So he has that going for him. I’m not sure if this is his style or not, or if he tried to do this on purpose. But I liked how this kinda looked like a children’s Christmas storybook. Everything is bright and colorful and I like how consistant Larfleeze looks from panel to panel. I can’t really describe it but if you ever seen a Christmas children’s book (like from Golden Books) then you know what I’m trying to say. I just like it that Booth seems to have a much better handle at drawing Larfleeze than anyone else who has drawn him.¬†Oh and once again, the Tiny Titans back-up is just a good looking as you expect it to be. Aw yeah!

I was shocked by home much I liked this comic but then again it was a really good comic. Geoff Johns does a good job of making Larfleeze fun and not annoying (as he normally is). Brett Booth makes this look like a classic Christmas tale and in general it’s a good looking comic. Finally, you have a great back up feature with the creators of Tiny Titans. So yeah, this brought a lot to the table and in the end it made me love all of it. Now if Johns can only make Larfleeze this less annoying in the regular comics and I would like the character more.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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