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Written by PETER J. TOMASI

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

I love Peter Tomasi and I love the Green Lantern Corps; but boy is Peter Tomasi making this new Green Lantern Corps book hard to like. This issue we get a mix of different story lines from John Stewart and others being whisked away as political prisoners. Then we have Guy Gardner interrogating one of the baddies for information while other Corps members train for the fight ahead. While all of these work on their own, putting them together for an entire issue hurts the pacing. Then you have laziest ‘deus ex machina’ ever with a character coming literally out of no where to give out more exposition. I know Tomasi is a hell of a lot better then that and it sadden me to see him scramble to find a resolution to this issue.

The art by Pasarin is nice but it does have this sort of stiffness to it. Panels like the T-Rex lantern (who I can’t be bothered on what is name is) fighting robots or Guy smashing the baddie’s head in looks great. But the faces look a bit too photo referenced for my likening and again the characters are so stiff you can’t see any fluidity between the panels. Plus the coloring is a bit too dark for my liking. Yeah it’s suppose to be a more ‘gritty’ book then the last volume but when I see green in a book called ‘Green Lantern Corps’ I expect to see it a tad bit brighter.

This is a bit of a harsh review I must admit but I can’t deny there is a lot of potential for this series. John Stewart and Guy Gardner are finally getting some much deserved face time but if this is the best Tomasi can do then it’s pretty depressing. It’s shocking because the last time Tomasi was on this series he could juggle so many characters at once it was like he had the mind of three writers. But mixed with this less then average issue and substandard art by Pasarin and my interest is quickly fading with this title. If it doesn’t get better once this arc ends then I can totally see myself dropping it in the near future.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good

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