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It’s close, oh god it’s almost upon us! No not the final issue for Emerald Eclipse, but from Blackest Night. After a steller previous issue, Tomasi and Gleason are back to continue the saga of all the Corps members. It’s been an action packed ride, but are there even more black clouds on the horizon?

Once again Tomasi is juggling a lot plot for the readers. Sodam’s sacrifice is first shown to us in the beginning. Then we see Lantern Saarek get a companion on his search for the Anti-Monitor. Finally the Prison Break reaches it’s conclusion with a help of some old enemies. All of them have been very interesting in their own seperate ways. Tomasi is slowly building the Daxamites as some of the most powerful people in the universe again. Anything involving with the ‘Haley Joel Osment’ of the Green Lanterns is always interesting to read, plus his new combanion reminds me of Lobo in a lot of ways. Then we get the exciting prision break and it is epic my friends. Everything is getting killed on one panel, and the next alliances are being formed. I love it how Tomasi brought back some old villains to the GLC. It’s been awhile but remember that there are more people who hate the Green Lantern’s then just other shades of color. I completely forgot about Bolphunga the Unrelenting and his connection with Guy Gardner. Hopefully we see more of the lanternless villains once all this war is done with.

Patrick Gleason has really stepped it up in two issues. He was getting back on model with most of the characters and anything involving aliens (or 100% of this comic) has been fun to look at. However, the beginning of this comic made me a bit worried. It felt like groundhogs day again as Mongul and Arisia was very off model at points. Maybe he just cant do these characters but I was so sad to see the start of this looking bad. Actually a bit after of the beginning, cause the first two pages with Sodam in the sun look amazing! But thankfully this was a quick part of the comic and the rest of this looked really good. Especially the stuff involving the prison fight. It’s epic in scale and the detail in all the battle scenes look amazing. That two page panel of the Alpha Lanterns and the others sealing the prison up looks fucking gorgeous. So he was able to win me back after a sloppy beginning.

It’s repeating in any review but Tomasi is just killing this book right now. He knows how to handle a huge group of characters and just knows how to keep the reader interested. Considering how this issue ended, Blackest Night might be more closer then it appears. If this arc has shown anything, Tomasi and Gleason are ready to give us great tie-in’s for the upcoming event.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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