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This was a switcheroo of the most painful kind.

Last month we had a really very good issue of Green Lantern Corps written by Peter J. Tomasi and starring Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner, both of whom left Earth to move to Oa and live there and open a cop bar for Green Lanterns.  The solicitation for this month’s issue promised more of the same.

Too bad this issue was all about Boodikka and the Alpha Lanterns.  I just don’t care about that and it took me two attempts to finish this one.  It was all competantly done and the art was okay, it just wasn’t the book I had signed on for.  And on top of that this issue is Part One which means there is going to be more of this storyline that I was just not at all interested in.

I’m hopping off.  Wake me up when Peter J. Tomasi is back with Guy and Kyle.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 2 - Average


  1. I agree this issue was a such a let down after having such a fantastic #20, but I am super intrigued by the Alpha Lantern.  I guess I can wait two months for more of Guy and Kyle, as long as the Alpha Lanterns actually turn into something worthy of the Green Lantern universe.

  2. Maybe it’s taking some time off from Kyle and Guy while they design, get approval for and build their establishment…. or at least their apartments and then get into some local trouble so we have some new stories to tell…. To be fair though…. the cover isn’t very accurate of the story inside :/

  3. I totally agree with you, Conor. When Sinestro Corps ended, they set this book up to be a buddy cop book with Guy and Kyle, which is awesome. This came totally out of left field, which isn’t always a bad thing, but this book was just awful.



  4. I don’t really mind the switch. I’d rather have this story instead of another spin-off GL title focusing on the other characters in the Corps. From the name of the book, I always saw it as having stories of the GLs who weren’t human, like Kilowog, Soranik, and Sodam. It’s not a great book, but I don’t think it’s bad either. It was just an average filler for me.

  5. LOL I put this book down two or three times before I got through it. I have had the second part of the story sitting on my pile since it came out and just keep putting off reading it.

    Is that a sign of good comics? 

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