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DC are some of the worst judges of momentum.

Seems like any
time a DC series gains some degree of buzz, they have a knack for
killing any excitement for it. I’m talking about the Supergirl switchero
of Bedard/Guedes, the lackluster SCW minis, the heavy hand of editorial in JLA, incorrect solicitations, etc.

the goodwill Tomasi gained by having Kyle & Guy open up a cop bar
in space & tying in Mongul’s power ring collection was eroded for a
dull, uninspired story of Boodikka is beyond me.

Do we even need this Alpha Lantern story now? I would much rather see how things play out in Green Lantern proper- where the Alpha Lantern story is done far more skillfully.

Question: does DC want people to read Green Lantern Corps?

With issues like this I suppose the answer is, “no”.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 2 - Average


  1. Between this and Tiny Titans, DC made me sad this week.

  2. Totally agree.  I had greatly enjoyed the two post-Sinestro Corps War issues and then this fill-in was a gigantic momentum killer for this book.

  3. I wish so badly that this was about Mongul. I was so excited only to be let down. The fact that this wasn’t a one off pisses me off. It means now that we have to wait two months to get back to Kyle and Guy’s story. Bad BAD move on DC’s part.

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