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I read this issue, because I get the feeling more people will want to
read this review than pretty much anything else I picked up this week.

The art in this reminded me of the Kuberts and I didn’t really see it
until the last page. Other than that, it was a little bland.

I did like
the fluid motion of Catwoman. As for the story, it felt like a lot of
set up, which, yeah I know is par for the course for a number one

There was just a lot of stuff that felt overly stilted,
especially the scenes with Harley and Ivy justifying why they were
going to be with Selina or why Selina was teaming up. Dini feels like
the new Chuck Dixon for the Bat titles, a good secondary writer, but a
little bland on the big guy.

I absolutely hated the villain in this book. I know it served the
purpose of showing that Selina is in a bad way, but the design and the
powers were just awful.

I’m willing to stick around on this book
for a while, but it isn’t as awesome as the other stuff.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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