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Futurama Fact: Mark Hamill’s son, Nathan, works for Bongo comics. In fact he is the inker for this particular issue of Futurama.

When it comes to these Bongo comics, you’d think the artists would have a bit of a cakewalk here. I mean all they do is just Simpsons and Futurama comics. It seems like that the characters are easy to draw, it’s the artists imagination with the settings and action that leave their mark. For the most part this means that it’s a tough divide to either make this as close to the source material or try and make it an original comic. So sometimes the art can be a bit odd sometimes.

Futurama #44 has the first distinction, for me at least, that totally looks like it’s from the show. Nothing is off model and characters don’t look pudgy. Everything is clean and also very colorful at times. Hats off to pencilier Andrew Pepoy and inker Nathan Hamill for making this look really good. Again it might seem like an after thought, but the art should really pay close attention to the Bongo line.

Just some highlights from the issue itself: Love the Starfox reference in this; plus the Superfriends references (‘Meanwhile back at the hall of Traffic Justice’) the methods of Bender and others foiling riders of the race; and just overall some great left turns with the jokes. This is one of those comics where you don’t know where it’s going to go and that really helps for the comedy.

I’ve been on this series ever since Futurama has been cancelled. However, this is only the third time I have reviewed it. If people are avoiding it because it’s based on a tv series, then I say give it a shot. If your a fan of Futurama and have yet to give this a try; then what’s your problem? Every issue is entertaining and until the series comes back in 2010, this is where I’ll get my Futurama goodness.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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