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Well, that was crap. I went back to the store this week and picked this up after the high recommendation on the show. The guys usually don’t steer me wrong, but this time…

It didn’t take long for this issue to totally put me off. I flipped through it, and it looked fine, if the art was trying a bit too hard to be Mignola. So I picked it up and took it home. The concept worked, and the set up with the supernatural threat in Mexico was a good start. But it was Roosevelt’s little mystical radio that really threw me out of the story. I mean… it has to be mystical, right, because portable two way radio wasn’t a reality until the 20’s. I’d have forgiven that, given that this was Teddy Roosevelt, maybe he had access to this stuff early. But even if he did it would have been useless as a device to carry around since it seems to be picking up radio broadcasts from the future. The baseball broadcast was the start… baseball wasn’t regularly broadcast on the radio until the 30’s. The real clincher was the Coca-cola ad. “Have a coke and a smile” wasn’t an ad slogan until the 70’s! At this point I was way out of the book and there wasn’t much that was going to bring me back.

I love historical fiction, and this concept could have legs, but historical fiction requires either a light hand, or good research and this kind of sloppy writing isn’t going to cut it.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 2 - Average


  1. Is the book’s objective to be historically accurate? I mean it has gorillas and UFOs on the cover. Seems like it’s aping (see what I did there?) the pulp fiction of the 30s/40s more than it’s trying to be historical fiction.

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