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Michael Desai is hands down the most interesting character to come out of the Flashpoint event. In many ways he’s still very much a mystery. But what James Robinson gives us is a thoroughly intriguing character that I hope is still with us after DC’s upcoming relaunch. In “The Outsider” #3, Robinson introduces us to Flashpoint’s Martian Manhunter, an edgier, more violent J’onzz who has been hired to kill Desai. This leads to a one-on-one brawl that doesn’t disappoint. Robinson then ends it with a rather unconventional tie-in to the greater Flashpoint event that I found very satisfying. It’s hard to find anything wrong with Robinson’s story. He continue’s to brilliantly convey Desai’s self-absorbed but carefree attitude as well as his love for well pressed suits over human life. He’s a complex character but also a very interesting one.

Javi Fernandez’s art style isn’t what I prefer and it took some getting used to. But I’ve grown to like it more with each book. While this issue features some of the same things I wasn’t crazy about before, it’s a perfectly fitting look and tone for this kind of story. I love his depictions of Desai but was a little mixed on his Martian Manhunter. He doesn’t look bad but he is a little bland compared to past books. I would have also liked to see a little better use of colors throughout the issue. But it’s hard to gripe much about art that really helps tell a great story and Fernandez certainly does that. It may not be my favorite style but it’s very effective.

Many people have passed over this series viewing it as another pointless event tie-in or cash-grab. That’s really a shame because this has been a high quality mini-series from start to finish. In this issue we get more Michael Desai, a really cool fight sequence, and a Flashpoint tie-in ending that had me excited. My hat is off to James Robinson and Javi Fernandez for giving us three fun and entertaining issues.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Weird. I actually gave the art a “4”. I even double checked it before submitting!

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