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Art and cover by FELIPE MASSAFERA

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

Much like the Batman Flashpoint first issue that came out this week, Flashpoint: Abin Sur seems to serve as a setup issue but moves at a deliberate pace which really makes me question how much this story can do with only two more issues.

It’s my understanding that Abin Sur survives his crash on earth in the world of Flashpoint. Schlagman’s first issue deals mostly with the events prior to Abin Sur’s mission. We get a brief glimpse of his childhood particularly the orgin of his appreciation for all life. We also get a downplayed conversation with Sinestro which leads to Abin Sur’s eventual trip to earth. The issue is fairly well written but it has a “copy and paste” feel to it.

Massafera’s art seems more like a promotional work for the upcoming Green Lantern feature film than art structured and intended for a comic book. It isn’t necessarily bad but it’s hard to shake the idea that it’s intended to reflect the look of the movie.

This is a Flashpoint title that doesn’t really feel like it until the end page. But that said, it still has enough things out of place and a reference to a key character’s death that should have those of us concerned about DC’s intentions still worried. Not sure how much this is going to tie into DC’s overall plan but as a single issue it’s pretty good. The art is good if you can get past the movie similarities.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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