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Avg Rating: 4.7
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Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art, cover and variant cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
Variant cover by TONY HARRIS

Size: 40 pages
Price: 3.99

I’m not a Flash fan.  I have no plans to take home one of the nifty Flash rings that come out tomorrow.  Apart from Rogue’s Revenge, not a single issue of Flash has been my thing.  I understand he has a huge following on this site, but that whole Flash Rebirth series was a gigantic yawn for me.  I even went back and read some old storylines, and nothing appealed to me.

This issue, on the other hand, was Awesome Crack.  No back story.  No panel upon panel of wordy narration.  This comic moved smoothly, and quickly as every Flash story should.  Most of you were going to pick this up even if the entire Internet said it sucked because, it’s The Flash, and it’s Geoff Johns, and it’s Francis Manapul.  Well, it’s also amazing.  Pick it up.  Read it.  Love it.  Read it again.  I suspect this will be the top pick of the week by quite a bit.  Not mine, but I’m going to guess it’ll get about 57%.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. even get to predict a precise percentage, look at you, huh.

  2. Akamu, I like that you’ll give it where it’s due.

    And yes, by "it" I mean your penis.

    Not really though.

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