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There is something that completely baffles me about this book, and before you ask, no, it’s not the storylines.  Well, it kind of is, but let me explain.  With the big two companies having major events happening in their respective universes this summer, it’s easy to draw comparisons between them.  But what baffles me is that while I’ve been somewhat enjoying SI due to it’s plodding pace and requirement to read 15 other books, I’m completely smitten with Final Crisis even though I have no idea what the hell is going on.  I’m so smitten, I’m compelled to buy any and all tie-ins.  Weird, right?  It’s even more puzzling because buying extra books is one of my major complaints about SI.  I am so weird.

Well, what did I like about this issue?  It definitely had some great moments while it also had moments that left me scratching my head.  There is one thing that is abundantly clear about this book:  it is not new reader friendly.  As someone who reads lots of books on a regular basis and buys tons of DC stuff, there are still things referenced in this issue that I have not clue about.  But the stuff that I did know about was really freaking awesome.  I don’t want to give too much away, but the return of Barry Allen is well played and features a great moment with Jay Garrick.  The reveal of Libra’s power is most excellent.  And the ending scene with Mary Marvel is completely outstanding.

The main weakness that this series has is that there’s just so much going on.  I feel like if they let Grant Morrison write 150 page books for each entry, he would.  That’s how complex this book can feel.  And I wish he could spend more time with each little thread.  Since he doesn’t, they can sometimes induce some major head scratching, but even in those moments, I find myself having fun reading this book.  It has this magical quality to it that seems to blind me from the things that normally make me hate a book.  It’s just gotta be J.G. Jones’ pencils, right?  They’re so pretty…

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Good call acknowledging G-Mo exclusivist style. Sometimes when I criticize it some get offended. It’s not that he’s not good, just that I don;t find him the appropriate choice for writing events. Unless, events are inherently not user-friendly due to it’s inclusion of an entire shared universe?

    Now, I’ve gone and confused myself.

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