FF #16

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Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Nick Dragotta & Steve Epting
Colors by Chris Sotomayor & Paul Mounts
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Mike Choi & Guru-eFX

Size: 22 pages
Price: 2.99

Forgive me for prying into Johnathan Hickman’s life but I have to know if he has children. Cause if he does then it’s the only explanation for how great he is at writing children in his comics. Well there could be another option but that’s only because I watched Dogtooth the other day and….well okay even that last sentence was a bit much for me. Anyways, this FF spin-off has been a great way for Hickman to show his chops at writing the supporting characters of the Fantastic Four. This issue is no different.

In fact I think this is his best issue to date since Fantastic Four came back. The opening pages are really funny because of how jealous Valeria is of her brother Heck he didn’t even do anything yet, but she knows this will happen down the line so why not be jealous now? Most of the book is narrated by Valeria and there are a lot of these moments with her just acting like a guy. It’s nice when a writer actually knows how to write kids and not think of them as midgets. Basically this issue is just an epilogue of sorts to his epic story but he also sets up some damn good ideas for the future. I don’t know if Hickman will bring it up before he leaves the title, but I really hope the ‘Parliament of Doom’ is addressed SOON! Or at least make sure the next writer does justice to such a kick ass idea. Seriously, as much as I loved the stuff with the FF; the final pages with Doom just had me squealing like a kid with an IQ of 200. Also, it looks like we’re gonna get some ‘Odd Couple’ action with Parker and Johnny….so if you’re looking for that then be excited next month. (Why wouldn’t you be?)

There are actually two artists in this issue and both are fantastic in this issue. I said it last time but let me address it again: Why didn’t Nick Dragotta do this title from the beginning? Again I mean no disrespect to Juan Bobillo but seriously; Dragotta should have been THE guy since the split. His style reeks of the 60s and his old-school aesthetics fits perfectly with Marvel’s ‘First Family’. I could go on about how ‘wonky’ some of the faces are from time to time but it really is just a minor nitpick. Then we have Steve Epting, of all people; make a surprise appearance for the Doom sequences. Again the writing alone made me squeal for the Doom ending but seeing Epting draw it made it icing on the cake. (And the icing was made of crack) There’s not a single panel that couldn’t be ‘Panel of the Week’ and I think it’s a real testament to how great of a pairing these two creators are.

So yeah, I can say with confidence this was the best issue of FF to date. (Or at least since the split) There are wonderful moments with the kids in this and Hickman brings up a lot of interesting stuff for his end of the book. Although let’s be honest, I think the Doom stuff will be more exciting than a space station for the kids. Still you top it off with great art by Nick Dragotta and Steve Epting and it makes me happy to know not all of the Marvel titles are dredging in mud.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Perfect review, for a perfect title!

  2. I tried this issue because of this review, and I am glad I did!

    Looking forward to next issue, based on the cover alone!

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