FF #11

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Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Barry Kitson, Scott Hanna, Scott Koblish, Jay Leisten & Mark Pennington
Colors by Paul Mounts
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Steve Epting

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99

So here I am with a dilemma:

In one hand, I have the best issue of Secret Avengers ever from this week. In the other hand though I have what I think is the best issue of FF ever. So it lead me to the problem on what I thought was POTW. Obviously if you are reading this review you will know what the answer is. But here’s why I felt this issue of FF stood above the rest.

I think Hickman is at his best with the Fantastic Four, FF, whatever; because he gets the family dynamic. It helps him build the story he is slowly pacing out and it gives us some funny moments in an otherwise serious book. Case in point this issue, which had a lot of funny family moments. From Leech not understand the word ‘over’ with Franklin, to Reed and Valarie talking about her new invention, to Ben screaming about finishing the laundry in the middle of an important Avengers meeting; it all just works so well. But then you have a pretty damn big revelation in this book and it….well confused me really. It all ties into the horrible issues involving Greg Tocchini and while I shutter to remember those horrible issues I couldn’t believe how this issue tied everything all together.

What could have killed this issue is that there were so many finishers/inkers in this thing. Kitson does the majority of the pencils while people like Hanna, Koblish, Leisten, and Pennington do the rest of the work. I’d love to tell you their full names (I know Scott Hanna and that’s it) but sadly even Marvel didn’t bother to put their first names in. I know paper is expensive now a days but why couldn’t they fill the entire page? Anyways, while it was noticeable to see different inkers in this book; it surprisingly stays consistent enough to not be bothersome. Now obviously Hanna and Kitson have two different styles, but I think the colorist has a lot to thank here. Paul Mounts has been the colorist for most of the run so he has tried to make every artist look similar to Steve Epting. Except for Tocchini, but I don’t blame Mounts for trying. It’s the nice little touches though, like taking two panels for Reed to notice the kids, that make it charming to look at.

I really do believe that Jonathan Hickman has been the best creator on this book since Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Everything about this book, and in particular this issue, was filled with enough action and family dynamics to make it feel like a comic worthy for Marvel’s ‘First Family’. Even with a flood of artists having to finish this issue it is a great looking book from start to finish. Now with Fantastic Four coming back with #600 and Galactus looming in the distance, I can’t wait to see where that and this title goes into the future.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. “I really do believe that Jonathan Hickman has been the best creator on this book since Stan Lee and Jack Kirby”

    Have you read the Byrne run? It’s better than the Lee/Kirby run in many people’s opinions (including mine).

    I like what Hickman’s done overall, but I can’t really give him any points for doing “family dynamics” when that’s been standard FF fare for almost fifty years now and other writers did more with it. Maybe people like it because they’ve never read much FF before.

    • @froggulper: I like Byrne’s run but it didn’t wow me like Lee/Kirby or now Hickman. I mean it is really good, there is no question on that.

      I disagree though on your thoughts that the family stuff is just standard. There were a lot of great touches to make the FF more of a family then a superhero team. I don’t know any writer, even on FF, that would break from the story to make sure Ben did his laundry.

    • I liked Byrne’s run best as well. That was comics at their superpowered romping best. But, that’s just my opinion.

      Anyway, great review. I made it my POW too. Love the build up that this has to the alien invation. I LOVE that the daughter is a super genious in cahoots with Dr DOOM.

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