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Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli & Klaus Janson
Colors by Paul Mounts
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Mike Choi & Guru-eFX

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99

What’s this? A two issue story by Jonathan Hickman?

(Cue Snagglepuss double take)

Sorry about that….I just wasn’t prepared to see ANY multi-part stories by Hickman for this series anymore. I’m not complaining mind you because no matter what type of story Hickman tells with the FF you bet your sweet ass it’s going to be good.

This issue, in part, sort of starts to resolve an issue that has plagued Black Panther since Jonathan Maberry’s “Doomwar” (Wow, remember that guys?) Vibrainium is gone thanks to Dr. Doom and Wakanda seems to be in deep financial shit. So the Fantastic Four arrives to save the day! Or is that what they really came for? I gotta admit that I have no idea what Hickman has in store for this character cause I know so little about him in general. Not for a lack of interest, but lately Black Panther just hasn’t been written well to me. There’s several flashbacks to an unknown time to show the past of Wakanda. Again, NO IDEA what any of this means but Hickman writes it in a way where it’s confusing but not painful to follow. I’m sure the next issue will bring it all together but as for now I’d recommend taking you time reading this. Although there is a good amount of humor with the students and Ray Harryhausen-esque skeleton fights to keep you entertained.

Thankfully we do not have Ron Garney with this issue! Instead we have Giuseppe Camuncoli doing the break downs and Karl Kesel doing the finishes. Now I’m always a bit wary when trying to review art when two artists, especially with different styles, are working together to finish an issue. I know Camuncoli’s style and Kesel’s from other work they have done but they blend together really well. Camuncoli is sketchy at times and you can see it in some of the backgrounds. But Kesel’s style is much more cleaner and he reigns in on Camuncoli’s pencils remarkably well. I want to point out one last thing if no one ever pays attention to it. There are several panels that have hieroglyphics as the borders when the book goes into flashback. There isn’t a pattern here guys, it looks like these actually say something….and lord knows what Hickman forced them to draw.

With the strange, new world of a two part story for FF this story starts very strongly. Albeit it does get a bit confusing as always when it comes to Hickman. But I have no doubt Hickman will sort all of this in the next issue and as for now it has enough of the action and humor you come to love this series. With some good art by Camuncoli and Kesel I’d definitely recommend this issue to anyone who wants a taste of the Hickman FF world.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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