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It is a shame that this book is being canceled so quickly
because in many ways this is the strongest run on it since Winick left the
book. The current story line (our team of dimensional outcasts are tasked with
a saving world where Cerebro, Machine Man, Ultron, and Vision have done their
best Sky-net impression and apparently successfully wiped out all of humanity)
comes to a close with a strong conclusion filled with twists, turns, and fun dialogue.
I have long believed that Jeff Parker is physically incapable of writing a
unentertaining comic book and this issue does nothing to disprove my theory. He
has created a strong cast of characters who all feel different enough from
their 616 (I would apologize to those who hate when people use that designation
but it is just to convenient especially in a book like this) to be intriguing
while not so different that they are unrecognizable. Salvador Espin’s art
continues to be a perfect match for this title and his storytelling capabilities
remain strong. I could foresee many, many entertaining issues with this
creative team on this title but sadly it was not meant to be and next issue is
a double sized series finale. I can’t help but feel that in a better economy
this title might have gotten a longer run (at least twelve issues) but I
suppose that is just the way it goes. While its cancellation does not bum me
out nearly as much as Captain Britain it is sad to see another good title go
while so much other unnecessary dreck remains on the stands. At least the title
is going out at the top of its game. Besides I find it hard to believe that a
concept as strong and fun as the Exiles is really going away for good. I am
sure somewhere down the line this title will be resurrected.
(Sadly and Penultimately) Recommended. 

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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