Review by: TheNextChampion
Story by Skottie Young
Art by Ramon Perez
Colors by Andres Mossa
Cover by Skottie Young

Size: pages
Price: 2.99

It’s another end of a (small) era of a Deadpool series. Once before I must stress that, while there are good issues I’d recommend, it’s a shame how disappointing this was as a whole. Team Up/Crossover books should be some of the best titles comics have to offer because of its unpredictability. Although unpredictableness is gone in today’s comic world; not knowing how a team up will go with a random mix of comic creators gives me a happy feeling. With this final issue of Deadpool Team Up we have: A great premise, an fantastic creator, and one man I never heard of before.

When you see a Skottie Young cover and see he’s apart of the interiors in a comic you gotta feel happy about yourself. He’s an amazing artist and this cover shows it by a fantastic cartoony style and a good sense of humor. However (or unfortunately if you want to put it that way), Young is not the interior artist for this issue. He is in fact the writer this week. Now he’s written comics before, but I’ve never had a look at them before. I know he has a great sense of humor though and it definitely shines in this issue. I’d love to see Young give a shot at more Deadpool because he’s good at the fast paced style the character is for. He starts us off with a great series of jokes at a ‘Cost-L’ and it goes on from there as he suddenly gets a job as Galactus’s Herald. I find it funny that not even Galactus, the most calm person in the universe, even gets annoyed by Wilson. Without spoiling the end of this there is a great last page joke and it’s definitely one of the best panels this week for me.

Ramon Perez is actually the interior artist for this issue and it’s really good to be honest. It’s a nice cartoony style, not like Young’s of course, but it feels like I’m reading a cartoon. Actually Perez’s style reminds me of a much tighter, and better if I’m honest, Humberto Ramos. There’s a lot of great effects in this once Deadpool becomes a Herald and it’s obvious towards the end he got much inspiration from DragonBall Z. There are some weird pacing issues and towards the end with the Silver Sufer fight it does jump to other scenes very quickly. Other then that though it’s a pretty good looking issue. Also, a quick shout out to Andres Mossa’s colors which are bright and keeps the cartoony vein in check.

As a Deadpool fan I am quite happy how this issue went. It kinda goes where you expect if Deadpool became a Herald to Galactus. But Skottie Young shows his chops as a writer and there are a lot of great jokes in this. Even though it’s a bit disappoiting Young didn’t draw this issue, Ramon Perez steps up and gives us some great stuff in this. It’s a shame this book has come to an end but it’s probably a good thing really. Cause great issues, like this one, came few and far between. Hopefully the next Marvel Team Up book can be better in the future.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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