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Big dumb fun.

Sure, it’s not all DEADPOOL (the book and the character) is, but it’s what this issue brought us and it’s what I’m on board for if it stars the Merc with the Mouth. Since he left the waste of shoulderpads that is Cable behind, Wade Wilson has been staring in his own break-out series. In only 8 issues he’s been pulled into two different crossovers/events and yet has been readable and enjoyable outside of all the rest of each event. I didn’t read a word of Secret Invasion after issue #1 and I still loved watching DP destroy skrulls and crack wise with Nick Fury.

So now we have a crossover with another book that I don’t read, The Thunderbolts. Do I mind that I’ll have to buy two issues of this title to know what happens with one of my favorite characters in the Marvel U? No, sir. Do I think that its necessarily a bad thing for either Deadpool or The Thunderbolts to cross over even though their respective fanbases are probably small in comparisson to Avengers or X-Men? Hell no! I mean, sure I probably won’t buy any more Thunderbolts issues after this but I dont’ mind getting to know some other characters.

I realize I’ve rambled on in defense of some criticisms that I’ve read here, so now I’ll try to talk about the book itself.

Deadpool has a beef with senor Osborne and he’s going to try to settle it at the begining of this issue. Obviously it would be boring Wade simply walked into Normy’s office and said “hey, you screwed me, could you make that right?” and Osborne replied, “Oh, yes, dear me, I am sorry.” So of course there’s beats of action that are slightly contrived and, yes not just a little bit cliche but they’re spiced up with hilarity, great artwork and yes, even stink lines.

Is it a set-up issue? Sure. Is it a quick read that could feel superficial? Yeah, maybe. Is it still worth every penny *and may I point out its still at 2.99*? You bet your Bruckheimerian hallucinations!

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Fine review, but how ’bout laying off Cable?

  2. @Coltrane – I’m sorry, I like the character it just seems that he’s not used very well. Was a fan of him back in the cartoon but in the books he’s never had the same effect on me. Though I keep forgetting I want to pick up the lastest issues b/c of Jamie McKelvie.

  3. I’m a big fan of this series,  some of the jokes are corny, but most of them are really good… and the art is just beautiful.  More people should give this a shot, and this is a good jumping on point

  4. @Kreider

    Check out the original Cable at the end of New Mutants and first run of Cable. It sometimes gets a bad rap due to the Liefeld art, but it’s quite good. It ties into one of my favorite X-Men stories – Age of Apocalypse.

  5. @Coltrane

    I have read some of those actually. I’d agree they’re pretty good. Sure Liefeld is terrible but I can get past that. I just think that recently He’s been kinda thrown in the mix without a lot of purpose. I did like him a lot in the pages of C&D though, I’ll admit that with no coersion. I thought the whole pacifist thing played out pretty well for him.

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