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  1. Nothing personal dude, but I refuse to believe that Daniel Way’s writing could receive a 5 from anyone. Well, maybe from someone who still has Punisher MAX on his pull list and NOT a new Punisher mini from Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. That guy I could understand giving Daniel Way a 5.

  2. @Actual: I’m swearing off from new Marvel comics….so that means no new mini’s or ongoings. I think I said it on the first issue that this was a terrible time to make this proclamation. But I dont think I will get much flague from picking up in trade.

    Did you read Deadpool? Cause you will believe the story gets a 5 when you read this. Daniel Way might suck on other titles, but for Deadpool he is the best writer for the job.

  3. @ActualButt – why would you take a cheap shot at TheNextChampion, who writes great reviews week in and week out? I don’t always agree with his assessments, but they are always well-reasoned.


    However, on this one, TheNextChampion is dead on. Way’s Deadpool is great. If Captain America is Marvel’s best,  Deadpool is in the next tier, along with Nova and Captain Britain. These things can change quickly, but Way has now completed two short arcs, both of which are outstanding.

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