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Story by Daniel Way
Art by Carlo Barbieri & Walden Wong
Colors by Marte Gracia
Letters by Joe Sabino
Cover by Dave Johnson

Size: pages
Price: 2.99

When you have a character go into space it can be a bit dicey. I mean once you get a character into space, where else can you go? Regardless of the future of the series, I am excited to see Daniel Way take Deadpool into space. It’s better then having yet another story arc with him trying to join a team.

One thing that can make a space story go south, and quick, is by having gimmicks in the dialogue. You know what I mean, by having puns of real life items but they’re different because we’re in space. (Futurama does it a lot but to be fair it usually works) The first portion of this issue has a lot of that and I gotta tell you I groaned loudly when I saw that Facebook parody. But Way gets the ball rolling after that with the introduction of Deadpool’s new status quo and a new character. Id the Selfish Moon, while only appearing for a few panels, is so hilarious to me. Partly because of the design but also because it’s funny how no one has thought of that before. Outside of Id we do get some funny moments with Deadpool trying to get into the groove of being a Space Repo Man. Overall though it felt more like exposition then anything else.

I say it all the time when Barberi is on the series but his art really impresses me. There are some great pages in this and I especially loved the full page splash of the death in the very beginning. Has a Ivan Reis feel to it if you get what I mean. Although the aliens shown here aren’t the best designs in the world, I do love the Id design so it balances out nicely. Part of me does wonder if this arc could’ve been improved if Sheldon Villa stayed on as artist for the arc. But I have no doubt Barberi will make this look good for the time being.

Not the strongest issue to start a new arc but this certainly isn’t bad either. Daniel Way has some misses in the beginning but when the ball starts rolling he definitely writes some great jokes for Deadpool’s new situation. I can’t wait to see Deadpool get into a fight with Id the Selfish Moon because: A) It’s going to be stupid and B) I want to see more of this great new idea for a character.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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